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Most Insurance Accepted!

Your consult may be fully covered by insurance. I’ve partnered with The Lactation Network to handle the paperwork and bill your insurance directly, guaranteeing you no out-of-pocket cost! *

Expert Lactation Consulting and Infant Feeding Support in Northern Colorado and beyond

Welcome! I am Heather Elkins, JD, IBCLC, the founder of RootLove Lactation Services. I support your infant feeding journey with professional, personalized care. Infant feeding support is available from the comfort of your home, via phone or video consultation, or in my office located in the heart of Boulder, Colorado.

It is an honor to support your family in achieving your individual infant feeding goals. I provide evidence-based care, rooted in science but equally rooted in what works best for you and your child’s individual needs. I meet you where you are, tailoring a care plan without any “shoulds.”

Why hire an IBCLC?

A board-certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) represents the highest standard of expertise in lactation and infant feeding training. Working alongside your healthcare team, an IBCLC ensures you receive optimal care, especially in challenging or complex situations. Seeking professional help when it comes to feeding your child can help you overcome the many challenges that may arise.

Lactation consultants do so much more than check your baby’s latch. Here are some infant feeding issues & education that I can help with:

  • Identify the cause of breast or nipple pain (from plugged ducts, engorgement, mastitis, etc.) and provide you with a treatment plan
  • Assess and correct latch and position challenges
  • Assist with post-frenotomy (tongue-tie release) oral exercises and suck training
  • Manage slow weight gain in a way that protects and preserves breastfeeding
  • Strategies for safe and effective formula supplementation
  • Support for pumping, including exclusive pumping
  • Treatment for oversupply and overactive letdown
  • Manage baby’s acid reflux
  • Learn ways to interact with your baby to promote optimal development, including healthy eating and sleeping habits
  • Induced lactation, re-lactation, and chestfeeding
  • Prenatal preparation for breastfeeding
  • Support for adjusting to new parenthood
  • Create a plan for when you return to work
  • Start your baby on solid foods in an age-appropriate manner

Service Area

Boulder / Louisville  Longmont / Lafayette / Erie / Westminster / Broomfield / North Denver Metro and Beyond (virtually) 

*A home visit fee of $50 applies for travel within 30 minutes from the office, and $75 for travel beyond 30 minutes. There is no additional charge for an office or virtual appointment. See Services and Pricing pages for further detail.