[Compressed Flare Gas]

GTUIT’s Compressed Flare Gas processing service provides oil producers and wellsite service companies a new industry model in wellsite power generation.

GTUIT’s CFG processing takes raw associated gas at the wellhead and conditions that gas for use in a myriad of applications including E-frac fuel, dual fuel, turbine fuels for grid power, drilling, etc. If your project location has access to either associated gas from the wellhead or a gas collection pipeline, GTUIT has the equipment and operational expertise to convert these gas resources into fuel to power your operation.

Compressed Flare Gas

How much natural gas liquid has GTUIT recovered from well sites to date?

Total NGLs Recovered (gallons)

How much carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds has GTUIT recovered from well sites to date?

Total CO2 Recovered (tons)


Total VOCs Recovered (tons)


GTUIT fee includes
equipment setup, maintenance,
spare parts, system moves and daily site checks.