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Modular design provides rapid setup, takedown

Our innovative natural gas capture system significantly decreases the volume of flared gas at the wellhead. Our built-for-purpose equipment uses proprietary flow control, mechanical refrigeration and compression to achieve maximum natural gas liquid (NGL) and flare gas liquid (FGL) recovery that dramatically reduces emissions and conserves energy for later use. The GTUIT design is aimed at the sweet spot of thermodynamics, material science and oilfield operations.

Our engineers designed equipment that is rugged, mobile and modular to meet the special conditions found at well sites in the Bakken – home to frigid winters and scorching summers. The equipment is now operating across the western oil producing states from from West Texas to North Dakota.


  • The inlet gas stream is chilled and compressed to drop out liquids.
  • We recover over 80% of the C3+ gas.
  • When gas capture has been completed at a well site, or the well is connected to a gas pipeline, our modular units can be quickly moved to another site.
  • Equipment takedown and setup can be accomplished in as little as one day, maximizing time for NGL/FGL recovery.
  • For stranded wells, our units can remain in place for the life of production.
  • The 500 MCFD and 1,000 MCFD trailer-mounted units and 3000 MCFD skid mounted units can be combined to meet specific needs at each well site, from 300 MCFD to over 12,000 MCFD.

Our system was subjected to thorough field-testing – in the blistering heat and bone-chilling cold of North Dakota – before going to the field . We also incorporated remote monitoring to provide highest quality field service and operational efficiency for difficult-to-reach wells. We built in multiple layers of integrated safety systems and automatic shutoffs.

Our uptime is over 90%, confirming what our field tests showed us – that our system delivers on our promise.

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  • NGL Recovery
  • NGL Recovery
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  • NGL Recovery

Our trained and experienced field-service technicians safely perform all setup, operation, NGL/FGL loading and equipment moving. Our fleet of technicians is on call 24/7 and dispatched from our Watford City regional operations and crew quarters.

Daily site checks, equipment setup, troubleshooting, maintenance, spare parts and repairs are included in our fee. We provide all compression and power generation equipment, consumables and storage tanks. All we ask of clients is to provide sufficient level space on the pad and a tie-in point to the flare line. Monthly billings include all data to meet North Dakota reporting requirements.

Our equipment and manufacturing processes are ISO 9001:2008 compliant. GTUIT is the only provider of flare capture and NGL production in the Bakken that complies with ISO standards.
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Bakken provider of
flare capture and NGL production equipment 
with ISO standards.

How much natural gas liquid has GTUIT recovered from well sites to date?

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