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GTUIT MobileMidstream brings full value to producers

GTUIT has gone beyond just capture of flare gas and production of NGLs with the GTUIT MobileMidstream. GTUIT can help energy producers move to zero emission well sites by using every molecule of hydrocarbon. Energy producers and their shareholders/stakeholder as well as national media under Environment, Social Governance (ESG) activism are forcing producers to be more responsible for the beneficial use of the resources by not flaring.

We process the associated gas and convert it to compressed flare gas (CFG) or liquified flare gas (LFG). GTUIT then provides your full energy logistics including gas conditioning, flare gas compression, liquid flare gas production and the required, sales, transport, logistics and fuel preparation at delivery.
CFG and LFG are easily transported across the basin to be used to replace diesel at a large discount.

The outlets for the GTUIT conditioned gas, CFG and LFG include:

  • Diesel replacement for Bi-Fuel Dynamic Gas Blending (DGB) for drilling and completion
  • Turbine power generation
  • Reciprocating-engine-based field power generation
  • Micro-grid power
  • Frac water heating
  • Energy for underserved communities
  • Other energy intensive oilfield uses

The GTUIT MobileMidstream helps energy producers increase reserves, improve economics and reduce air emissions. We work with our oilfield partners to develop profitable outlets for NGL/FGLs, CFG, LFG and conditioned field gas. The goal is to bring full value to producers for their well production, reduce emissions and put these recovered energy resources to work in the region.

  • Mobile Midstream
  • Mobile Midstream
  • Mobile Midstream
  • Mobile Midstream

We have partnerships with large equipment manufacturers and midstream energy companies to further develop these opportunities to keep the energy close. GTUIT controls the processing of much of the gas it recovers, as well as the marketing and sales of NGL/FGL, LFG, CFG and conditioned field gas, making it a driving force in this pioneering initiative.

To learn more about the promise of GTUIT MobileMidstream, contact us today at 406-876-6700.

We work to bring full value to producers
for their production.

How much natural gas liquid has GTUIT recovered from well sites to date?

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How much carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds has GTUIT recovered from well sites to date?

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