[H2S Removal]

Low Operating Cost, Environmentally Sound Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Removal

GTUIT’s GPUR H2S treatment equipment is operating in over 60 countries providing treatment of H2S or sour gas. GPUR is a self-regenerative system with operating costs of 1/8 of other traditional sweetening technologies. The resulting product of the GPUR equipment is moist elemental sulfur cake that can be landfilled or used as a soil amendment.

H2S Removal

The GPUR systems can operate in front of the GTUIT Fuel Conditioning System or stand-alone removing over 99% of the H2S.

H2S Removal

GTUIT GPUR occupies the sweet spot of H2S field gas treatment. GPUR provides the field solution for gas streams that are over 1000 ppm H2S and below the high flow, high H2S levels more suitable for traditional Claus treatment. GPUR provides the balanced capital cost and operating cost solution for these field applications.

H2S Removal

GTUIT GPUR is a simple lower cost solution that can adjust to varying H2S concentrations and flow rates. Modular design and construction provides a cost effective solution.

Contact us today and let us show you how the GPUR system will remove H2S from your gas stream in a cost effective and environmental manner.