[Fuel Gas Conditioning]

Improve Gas Quality to Increase Efficiency, Reduce Engine Maintenance and Improve Project Economics

“When gas quality is at its worst, GTUIT is at its best”… Improving gas quality is GTUIT’s business. Our suite of Fuel Conditioning Systems process raw gas into a dry, consistent fuel that improves engine efficiency (minimize de-rate). We offer a matrix of nine different models in different processing capacity (250 MCFD, 500 MCFD and 1000 MCFD) and Methane Number Output (45, 55 and 65).


All equipment can be delivered skid or trailer mounted or in ISO containers for foreign delivery. We have over 550,000+ hours of reliable operation. Units can be configured for artic or desert environments or anything in-between… oil field proven, rugged and reliable.

Let us send you our Project Scoping Document so we can show you which GTUIT FCS unit would work best for your project